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Looking for a New or Refurbished Computer?

We're here to help you make the right choice, not to sell, not to persuade but to assist and offer something only if it suits your needs.


Whether you are looking for a new computer, a refurbished laptop or a gaming machine built to your exact specifications we offer you a whole range of options and choices and the guidance to help you choose the computer that suits you and your budget best.

Desktop PC's -


Nothing At The Moment But There Will Be Soon.

Feel Free To Check Back Some Other Time.

Laptops -

Fujitsu Lifebook AH5122nd Gen Core I3, 4Gb RAM, 320Gb, HDMI, Win 10RefurbishedJust Arrived£195.00
Hp 620Core 2 Duo, 4 Gb Ram, 320Gb Hard Disk, Windows 7 Pro, Webcam, HDMIRefurbishedJust Arrived£195.00

Tablets  -


Nothing At The Moment But There Will Be Soon.

Feel Free To Check Back Some Other Time.

Get Your Free, No Obligation Quote Today

If you can't see what you are looking for why not give us a call (01283 246444) or drop us a line below, we'll be only to happy to help by giving you a quote and/or a little free advice .  

Don't forget we are great at building custom computers, including gaming computers, so if you have specific requirements you will not find a company more able to help you than Computer Lifeline.

You Get More with Computer Lifeline

Every computer bought from Computer Lifeline comes fully setup so that you will have to do the absolute minimum to be up and running with your shiny new purchase.  For example we include -

  • Data Transfer from your existing computer (including emails where possible, bookmarks and favourites)
  • Drivers,
  • Patches and Service Packs
  • Antivirus Protection and Extra Security
  • Commonly Used Third Party Apps (e.g. Adobe Reader, VLC Player and XNView to name but a few).
  • Any other licenced programs that you have and wish us to install (.e.g Microsoft Office, geneaology software, etc.).

Levels of Warranty -

We have different levels of warranty depending upon the machine you purchase.  Our standard warranties are -

  • For refubished laptops and PC's: 90 Days Hardware, 9 Months labour only and 4 weeks of remote support*
  • For new laptops: 1 Year manufacturers warranty and a 2nd Year lobor only warranty provided by us, plus 60 days remote support*
  • For new desktops: 1 Year manufacturer warranty and a further 2 Years labor only warranty (provided by a 3rd party), plus 60 days remote support*

* The remote support provided as part our warranty service is there to help you with any 'bedding in' issues for your new purchase.  For example this can include simple things like changing the colour scheme or adding your favourite photograph as desktop wallpaper or more complicated things like installing some software.  

We provide the remote support element of our warranties to make life easier for you with your new purchase and to give you peace of mind in case you forget something that you need on your computer when discussing the setup with us.

Computer Lifeline, What About The Competition?

"At Computer Lifeline we know we have a few rivals
however we're proud to say nobody equals us for Service or for On-Going Support"