Take back your computer

If you have viruses, trojans, and malware Computer Lifeline will help you take your computer back.  Computer Lifeline's Virus Removal Service gets rid of all the malware and junk slowing your computer down.  Timely intervention can prevent spyware and malware from totally criplling your computer causing it to slowdown or crash completely or before spyware steals your credit card numbers and passwords.

You can use the internet safely without the threat of identity theft and fraud, and we'll help you do it.

What Spyware and Malware Does

Malicious software comes in various guises and have different effects on your computer including -

Spyware which can steal credit card and bank account numbers, passwords, and personal information, logs what you type and steals your address book

Malware slows down your internet connection, turns your computer into a 'zombie' that serves criminal gangs and slows down your computer often causing it to crash.

Adware attaches toolbars to your browser window or hijacks your browser and forces you to go to an advertising web page, often where you will contract further viruses.

Virus Removal Specialists

  • We specialize in removing viruses without reformatting the hard drive and losing all of your data and files. We remove the viruses and nothing else.
  • You will probably see a speed increase in your computer thanks to our virus and malware removal process..
  • You'll have your computer healed and returned within 2 business days unless the virus or malware is severe.
  • You will still have all your business data, photos, music, programs and other important files. You don't have to lose everything just because you have a virus.
  • If your computer is not sufficiently protected you'll receive a free anti-virus as part of the process or optionally you can upgrade to a more robust paid-for product.

Dedicated Virus Removal Lab

We have a specialized virus and spyware removal lab and years of successful experience at removing malware. We can remove even the nastiest of malware - especially the ones your antivirus can't! That's why we pride ourselves on being Burton on Trent's virus removal experts. We can remove the nastiest of trojan horse viruses, hijackers, spyware, unwanted toolbars, adware, malware, and any other viruses without losing your data.

Free Anti-virus Software

We only use the best virus removal tools and also install free antivirus software on any computers and laptops that are not fully protected. You can also purchase Emsisoft Anti-Malware at a discount price.

What if its not a virus?

If you have other problems caused by bad hardware that mimicks the slowness caused by malware we will repair your computer's hardware issues instead and won't charge for the virus removal even if we completed the virus removal process. If you don't have viruses you won't be charged for the virus removal only the required repair.

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