Mobile Friendly, Search Engine Ready Websites


We specialise in websites that make your business look good and that rank well in Google, Bing and other search engines
Innovative ideas
We use the latest technologies and  standards including PHP, Bootstrap and HTML5 to give your website power and flexibility.  

Our extensive knowledge and experience with these technologies means that we can deliver the site that you deserve.  

Retina ready
Our designs are great on all screen sizes from PC's and laptop to tablets and  mobile phones.  This is not just a 'nice to have' feature anymore, it is essential and sites that are not  'mobile friendly' will not rank well with Google!

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Totally responsive
Designed from the ground up to perfectly match your business and your business requirements.

Our designs are created from 'scratch' allowing us to easily match your logo, company colours and portray your company message.

Sharp solutions
Our powerful site management tools make it easy to keep sites updated and the content fresh.

Designed for non-technical website owners to manage their site content including any pictures and text.

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To look professional in the modern world every business needs a website that is well designed, clean and efficient.  Wether you are trading online or not, having an aging website or, even worse no website at all, will lose you business!  

At Computer Lifeline we understand this and we know exactly what is needed to get a website up and running and attracting you business so we offer a free, no obligation website design consultation.  In your consultation we will happily discuss what you hope to achieve from your website, how to get started, your competition and your likely costs (both development and ongoing).

The Website Administrator by Computer Lifeline

Our Website Administrator tool has been designed in house with the non-technical website owner in mind. It will bring extra power to your website and allow you to -

  • Easily update your website including images, text, testimonials, blogs and many other powerful features on your website.
  • Keep your content fresh and current without requiring us to do it for you.
  • Boost your chance of ranking well on Google and other search engines.
  • Make use of extra tools such as the "Message Manager" component to really get the most from your website.

Due to the fantastic power and flexibility it brings to a website our Website Administrator tool is only available on our monthly payment plan.

Custom Built Websites from only £35 per month

For only £35 (+ VAT) per month you can have a fully working website, including -

  • Website Design Fees of Up To £595.00 for FREE!
  • Up To 5 Email Addresses
  • On-Going Hosting Fees
  • Continued Support, Advice and Assistance
  • Use of Our Bespoke Website Administration Tool